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SIP Trunking Benefits for Ottawa Businesses

SIP Trunking solutions are, without argument, the latest technical advancement in modern communications. Each of our SIP Trunks are designed on the basis of extensive industry knowledge, proven technology and longevity in communications. Our capable and hands-on customer advice and technical specialists will assist in the design of your IP PBX system that artfully meet the exact specifications of your current and future company plans.

We are not your typical ‘out of the box’ solutions provider

We believe that every situation is unique and are committed to providing you with a solution that will allow you to realize maximum benefits.

Our fully managed SIP Trunking systems rely on converged T1 service and are backed by our nationwide private voice and data network. This means that your company will gain the power of the most secured network available and never have to worry about things like packet loss, jitter, latency or poor call quality.

If the term ‘SIP Trunking’ is in the back of your mind, but you don’t quite understand it, you might ask:


“How can I operate telecom more efficiently?”

“How can I reduce my telecom costs without sacrificing quality?”

“If I migrate to SIP now, can I do it without service interruption?”

“Will I be receiving the same level of service and coverage as I do with my legacy services?”


SIP trunking provides businesses with the unique advantage of leveraging and extended calling network and also intelligently distributes available capacity across other locations by virtually reorganising the corporate communications infrastructure.


Companies today have high expectations when it comes to telecommunications and SIP Trunking, so we pride ourselves on being the best! With in-depth experience and industry knowledge, we’re a company that has had to deal with just about every scenario imaginable. We’re the kind of company that enables you to migrate your telecom needs on your terms, when it’s right for you; which can be hard to find when dealing with some of our competitors.


SIP Trunking Solutions from us combine our years of expertise and custom touches


We’ve designed the perfect SIP service that’s based on your precise needs and we never give you and “out of the box” solution. By understanding your situation, we make recommendations that are right for you. This enables you to take advantage of the operational saving that is leveraged over our secure, next generation systems. We’re always delivering secure connectivity, wherever you need it, no matter if it’s local, domestic or anywhere in the world. Our SIP Toll-free, SIP long distance and local services are the right choices for your business!

As a viable alternative to dated PRI, SIP trunking gives companies of all sizes the ability to allocate capacity based on demand. As an added benefit, this also means the business can designate any office location to take over as the primary business location to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster that renders one office location inaccessible.

SIP Trunking Solutions offered by us are powered over North America’s largest and most secure private data network, offering unique Quality of Service (QoS), superior uptime and extreme network resiliency.

For questions and answers about SIP Trunks for Voice over IP telecommunication services contact one of our experts toll-free at 888-812-5933.




  • Quality, Security, and Reliability

Our SIP Trunking Solutions include carrier-grade redundancy and components that provide a highly reliable service. Our service connects PBX and IP-PBX systems directly to the PSTN. Built-in security features remain intact and protect communications.

  • Enhanced Teleworking

Remote workers are now fully connected to your central office via Private business grade VoIP.

  • Free Local Calling in Ottawa and Affordable Long Distance Around the World

Our SIP Trunks enable you to take advantage of cost-free communications between multiple locations. Reduced toll charges due to SIP origination/termination services to the PSTN for long distance calling.

  • Cost Reduction

We eliminate the dedicated PRI service lines and/or gateways at each office location, in Ottawa or across the country. Long distance fees are eliminated when calling between company locations. Plus you can now serve multiple geographic markets from one location.

  • Disaster Recovery

With the fasted and most efficient IP network disaster recovery architecture, we’re inherently more fault tolerant than our circuit-switched and fixed lined counterparts.

  • Simplified Management

The administration of our internet telephony services is handled through a simple online management system that runs over your IP Network, the same as your data. This will increase the flexibility and efficiency of all your business operations and reduction costs because the technology falls under the IT area.  You no longer need another specialist to deal with your phone system.

  • Flexible Architecture

Our network supports all the leading protocols for Voice & Video plus it has interoperability for many leading IP-PBX unified communications features. We also offer scalable bandwidth to meet your needs now and in the future.