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IP PBX Systems in Ottawa

No matter the size of your business, or the geographic makeup of each office in the organisation, a Unified Communications System from an IP-PBX system will give you the freedom to return your focus back on what matter’s most – growing the business. Never again will you need to worry about business communications. With our IP PBX systems in Ottawa, you can regain control of your budget, save time and reduce calling charges.

Ready for use are great applications such as Avaya IP Office, the latest in IP Telephony for business use. Not only do VoIP services provide you with all of your core business communications needs, they also help to streamline operations and increase efficiencies. What’s more, we will handle all of the VoIP maintenance, support, equipment installation and updates offsite at our office location – freeing up valuable space and resources at your physical office space.

avaya-ip-office-500_2PBX & IP-PBX Platforms

Small and Midsized companies’ VoIP PBX systems have evolved from simple features to more complex systems that can be fully integrated with a network. Here is a comparison of a traditional PBX for midsized and smaller business and more complex Unified Communications services that use an IP (Internet Protocol) PBX platform and other business class features.


A traditional on-premise PBX System

Ideally, a Cloud-based PBX systems or virtual PBX system was made for Small to Medium (SBM) sized businesses that needed a full telephone switching system capable of handling both incoming and outgoing voice calls. In this scenario, the PBX would be directly wired to the public telephone system and would route incoming calls to specific extensions. The majority of SMB PBX’s include internal and external telephone lines and hardware that can manage call switching or routeing plus a console for manual overrides.

IP PBX for business enterprises in Ottawa

An IP PBX can perform everything that a conventional PBX can do with added features and functionalities. Acting as a pseudo-hybrid system, an IP PBX can do the switching and connect through VoIP, as well as normal landline voice calls.


Unified Communications: extending the conventional IP PBX


Different businesses need enhanced features that are capable of supporting their unique workflow. Our Unified Communications services are made specifically to meet the needs of SMB’s by combining the versatility of IP PBX solutions with advanced telephony features that standard phone systems do not have. A good example is the Avaya IP Office.

Other than cost advantages, IP telephony has numerous benefits. It provides effortless scalability and allows for expansion considering available bandwidth and doesn’t need the installation of any new hardware in order to facilitate the expansion.  Full unified communications can be achieved and customised to suit your needs.


Most importantly, we customise each system solution to meet the exact needs of the customer. Contact one of our experts toll-free at 888-812-5933 for a FREE Consultation to determine the solution is best for your business.