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IP Phones in Ottawa

Regardless of the size of your business or its organisation layout, you require access to business essential features like call handling, call transferring, routeing, switching, video conferencing and collaboration tools, recording, shared message boxes, etc.

Our staff takes pride in delivering the best voice over IP service possible. This is why we have aligned ourselves with some of the most established creators of IP Phones & Hardware in the world. Companies with longevity in their designs such as desk phones, IP phones, conference phones and every other business phone application you can think of.

Our expert sales and technical staff are waiting to speak with you. We are pleased to offer sound advice and suggestions for hardware choices to compliment your business phone system.


Wide Range of IP Phones & Hardware to Meet Your Requirements


Each business desk phone must be able to deliver the right solution for every office application – as used by an executive, his/her assistant, a dispatcher, a sales agent or any random office worker. We provide wholesale solutions and service support to meet all your daily office needs.


product_data_sheet0900aecd802ff020-1Desk Phones


Our IP phones are the best option for every business that wants to balance data network connectivity with voice.  IP phones manufactured by companies that we supply and support provide exceptional voice quality and clarity. Selecting an IP Phone as your desk phone gives you the opportunity to select advanced IP features that enhance your personal business communication efficiency.

Wireless IP Phones


The use of wireless networks is now rampant in the workplace. Promoting mobile advancements is important as the use of wireless IP phones allows workers to make use of handsets in a group from which they can choose.

Video Phones


Video conferencing is becoming a vital part of business communications. This technology makes it possible for you to gain better results for every collaborative effort. The advantages of this are tremendous and video conferencing is affordable and technologically sustainable. It is one vital part that should not be left out of your business plan.

Conference Phones


In this present age, the advantages of conferencing are being used in communicating with customers, colleagues, mobile workers, vendors, and even mobile offices. For conference calls to be productive and successful, crystal clear voice with the use of simple, reliable tools has become a necessity.  We have the tools, services and partnerships that you need to conduct business in Ottawa and beyond!

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