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Hosted VOIP solutions in Ottawa

A fully hosted PBX Solution from us is the right telecommunications solution for a business of any size.


This virtual phone system lets your business focus on business, not on configuring your communications. We save you time, money and hassle with our complete, next-generation hosted business phone systems that are streamlined, efficient and cost effective. Our managed solutions were built with the needs of Ottawa business owners in mind.


avaya-ip-office-500_2Harness the power of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to get your business what it needs to maximise productivity and lower capital expenses.

With total scalability and 100% managed installation, support, equipment and updates; a Hosted PBX Service from us is the turnkey communications answer. Replace your company’s out of date equipment or open new office sites with state-of-the-art VoIP PBX systems through our managed VoIP Cloud.

We use service and maintenance technicians in your local area, ready and equipped to handle any type of service call. Our team has many years of industry experience with a long history of success and positive customer service. We take full responsibility for the procurement and installation of your new communication system. We provide you with the best telecom solutions for your marketplace combined with the highest possible customer service.


Our Hosted PBX solutions run on the high-quality BroadSoft operating platform


The easy to use administrative panel enables system operators at your business site to manage lines and users and  make needed changes or additions online.


Your company can keep pace with emerging technology and still keep costs under control with cloud-based PBX systems. As a primary Hosted PBX Provider, our service and infrastructure let us help small and medium-sized businesses maintain sophisticated telephony systems without the high costs associated with investing in equipment and infrastructure.


With our Cloud-Based Hosted VoIP telephone services in Ottawa, your company’s employees enjoy the increased productivity options of working from home, on the road or from their mobile device while still maintaining a connection to the office telephone system. The virtual phone system makes other productivity tools easy to access and use.


We use our own private network to ensure reliable service.


We provide a 99.99% uptime guarantee, so your business can be assured that our VoIP PBX solutions are working at full capacity whenever you need it. All information on the network is protected by heavy encryption and our broadband network offers the fastest, highest quality service available regardless of whether you are located in Ottawa, Toronto or across Canada.