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BYOD Mobile Voip

The Power to be More Efficient and Collaborate While on the Go



Universal studies recently indicate that in 2016 close to 80% of professionals will use at least 2 mobile devices to access company systems and data. If your business is like many others, you’re likely to be struggling to find a way to effectively balance employees’ demands to use their personal mobile devices while still continuing to completely control the company’s corporate data.

We offer mobile apps for VoIP that integrate your company’s VoIP services with any laptop, smartphone, or mobile device. We provide a secure BYOD option that will both regulate IP telephony throughout the company and present your personnel with the unified mobile communication services that they require to work more efficiently.

Today’s workforce demands the flexibility to bring their own device (BYOD) to work. This means allowing them to use their own personal mobile phone or handheld device to carry out their work tasks. Something that can greatly benefit employers who want to extend the powers of IP telephony to their mobile workforce is BYOD Mobile VoIP plans.

As an added benefit, companies with BYOD VoIP policies can leverage corporate unified communications, from their business VoIP system, and extend these benefits to mobile employees without employees having to worry about using their personal minute packages.

We are Canada’s leading supplier of voice over IP communications services, answering the call of the modern business  hoping to reap the full benefit of Internet communications by allowing their workforce access to IP telephony hardware, mobile VoIP applications and every other great feature that can be expected in a Hosted VoIP system in a mobile world.


Benefits to Your Company


Having a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) solution integrated into your business will minimise expenses and challenges for the management of these mobile devices. The benefits include:

  • Combining company-related voice usage with a single invoice and plan.
  • By using the Cloud to manage communications, you can enhance business continuity plans, instead of using premise-based equipment
  • An enriched experience for users with company-wide Unified Communications
  • Improving employee morale and productivity by allowing them to use their own mobile devices.


Benefits for Workers

With access to the corporate VoIP system, your workers will have the ability to use their own devices and take their work with them when they’re on the go. They will also have the benefit of the following:

  • Follow Me — Find Me applications
  • Free on-net, inbound and local calling to Ottawa
  • Unique Presence, video and Instant Messaging services
  • Long distance is included in the company plan and doesn’t affect employee personal mobile minutes or billing


Expand Your Employee Benefits & Productivity and get BYOD Mobile VoIP Ottawa!