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Cloud Based Phone Systems for Businesses

hosted pbx ottawaNo matter how large your company is, Cloud-Based Hosted VoIP telephone systems offer an excellent value.


If your business is currently small but you have plans to grow, Cloud-Based solutions are right for you! The infrastructure and features of cloud-based phones can scale up or down effortlessly.


The five major benefits realised by businesses in any industry who make the switch to cloud-based Hosted VoIP phone systems include:


Best Value Budget: Many Ottawa businesses report having insufficient budgets to handle the growth of their communications systems and internal IT departments. Any installation errors, breakages or user errors with your voice over Internet phone system  can result in downtime for everyone in the company as well as excessive expenses to fix it. Waiting for a repair worker or a system specialist to check problems with your connection can be disastrous for a company that uses communications to conduct business.

Our cloud-based communication system for Ottawa businesses exist completely off site and all transmissions are conducted virtually. These budget friendly systems not only reduce the cost of initial setup as there are no wires to run or hardware to install, but also reduce the future cost of maintenance and repair. Service charges become almost obsolete as all connection issues and repairs are handled remotely by us, your cloud system service provider. Migration to the cloud and initial set up is simple and available to any type of business.


Simple Migration Process: With no hardware or wires to install in your office, a cloud-based communication system can be up and running in a very short amount of time with minimal disruption to your business. Since these types of structures are so simple to implement, there should be no hesitation in the idea of switching to the cloud.


Easily Scale Communications to Suit Your Growing Business: Technology changes so quickly that it may be difficult to choose the appropriate communication system that is suitable for your business today but will also work well when you grow in the future. Cloud-Based phone systems can easily scale to any size business and grow or shrink as your company’s needs change. Not only can they expand by adding extensions and features, such as SIP Trunking, but they can do so without changing any hardware or upsetting your business practices as well.


Manage Systems in Multiple Locations: Because of the dynamic nature of cloud-based communication systems, they are able to be managed easily for multiple Ottawa offices or business locations anywhere they are in the world. With traditional systems, different offices may have different phone companies and features available to them. Any problems or upgrades would require additional effort and expense keep everything working properly. Cloud-based business phones a business considerable amounts of money and stress by concentrating the management of all communications across the different branches of the business.


Low Downtime: All the traditional problems with wired phone systems  such as dropped calls, service lag, network issues, and system failures, are not part of cloud-based communications. For businesses that rely on constant communication, this is perhaps the most important benefit to switching. Reliable and continuous communications become effortless even over the greatest distances.


These five benefits highlight the main reasons why switching to a Cloud-Based communication system the best option for your company. We can demonstrate even more ways that Cloud-Based services can save you money and make your business run more smoothly through proper implementation and use.  Let us demonstrate how and call us today for a FREE consultation at 888-812-5933.